Through efficient collaboration in a digital eco-system, there is transparency in operations and resident’s data.

You keep an eye on your patients at all times, in the facility itself, but also during a hospital stay. Relatives that can’t permit visits on a regular basis, also have a much better overview of the daily activities of their loved ones. The networking starts small and makes agendas and performances transparent and allows for the assignment of activities in the residential area.

Through the mobile access to POLAVIS CARE, you can authorize your partners to put an electronic request for vacant places and transmit patient data directly into the resident’s file. This is networking on a large scale and you do not only save time during the admission, but you also secure a direct connection to your multipliers. Their workload will be reduced and they will show their gratitude with an increasing number of referrals.

Within the eco-system networking forms the basis for a comprehensive occupancy management, towards a regional management of integrated treatment.


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