…then start using the POLAVIS CLINIC Admission Manager.

What is the Admission Manager for Hospitals?

The POLAVIS CLINIC Admission Manager accompanies the patient easily and safely through the admission process in your hospital. Patients can already start their mobile check-in at home and provide necessary information through the app. On arrival at the hospital, the admission is completed with minor additional administration. A modern and convincing service!

With the POLAVIS CLINIC Admission Manager, the admission process of your hospital is being decentralized. A digital communication channel is put in place to securely store patient data into your HIS, even before the patient has physically arrived at your hospital. Quality and efficiency of the admission process will be improved, you gain the sympathy of your patients and referring physicians and that will benefit your hospital in the long run.

Decentralising parts of the admission relaxes the entire process and creates room for better preparation and focus. It reduces costs, time expenditure and increases efficiency and space for additional service. The overall experience for the patient will be one of improved personal care.

Wettbewerbsvorteil mit dem Aufnahmemanagement für Krankenhäuser & Kliniken von Polavis Clinic